Walking with God consumes your life, it fills you with peace and serenity unknown to the average person. A feeling of overwhelming certainty and sureness of one’s heart and makes the harsh and brutal times of life seem like cutting your fingernails; easy and painless. Engulfed with the spirit one begins to converse with God in every way and every situation, the lonely become peaceful and the depressed become joyful. I began my walk with God some months ago. It was difficult because I had some things that weighed me down in every way, it became like a battle to be fought everyday. I began to enjoy praise, I began to dance and experience overwhelming joy and happiness, well most days. It was a new start for this old body.

Life is a journey that must be taken cautiously. It is a pathway filled with mines and explosives along the way. Our decisions each day, our time and our life are on that simple path made with pain, agony,joy, happiness, sadness and every good and horrible thing life has to offer. Your choice of friends either makes that path wider or narrower. Friends don’t last forever but true friends do, the ones you speak to after years or separation, the ones you set dates with and lose track of time and the ones who are always there for you; those are the people who make your path seem wider, they makes your path less lonely and painful because those are the people who keep it real with you.

The realities of life are the truths hidden in the shadows and the people who strive to either make you succeed or the people who have nothing else to do but to bring you along for a ride.

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  1. Bolu, well done. Our God will empower you for the walk with him.Stay connected to God and he will keep you, guide you and enrich you for his work.The talents he has deposited in you will be used for his glory.


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