Life has it’s lessons to teach us all, lessons of heartbreak, moments of joy, periods of sadness and above all; the overwhelming feeling of success. Life is estranged and confusing, funny and cunning but, it is what we all must face. It is a journey we all must take and a path we have to make. Life has moments that fill people with utter annoyance but, it also has moments that fills a person which so much awe and joy.Thinking about life takes me back to those days of Silverbird television (the star of Nigerian televison), the days of watching the titillating “Super story” and “This life”. Fiction or drama they may be but, they hold an element of truth and sensibility.

As a child, one knows nothing about life but to eat, sleep and poop; the golden days. One knows nothing about hardship, struggle, focus, success, heartbreak, love, feelings, people, school, anger, ah and most of all money and all the things that make life unbearable, annoying, sweet, horrible and wonderful, one knows nothing about the things that hurt, the things that make life extremely confusing, one knows nothing.

Love they say is  bitter-sweet, it is the most enjoyable part of life but, the funny part about it is how we fall in an out of it in a flash. Feelings I have discovered do not last forever but, they should. Feelings are the most insensible aspect of people with respect to the fact that once they occur and especially with us guys; we no longer think with man up there but, with the guy down there. We all tend to mistake the significance and meaning of the word “Love”, we mistake that emotion for feelings and that is why we tend to think we fall out of love but, we do not, we fall out of the feelings developed for the other person.

Feelings fade just as fast as they were felt or even discovered, they fade especially fast when they aren’t used or the person that they are being directed to does not reciprocate or they do but, decide to toy with your feelings or the worst case where both are too shy to admit to each other that those feelings exist. We fail to realize that when you’re in love, those feelings are meant to fade, we do not realize that when we are in love something else that you cannot explain develops and sticks and stays there till death tears you apart. Feelings at some point need to fade to make room for what really matters, to make room for what is real and not just the natural occurrence we have to experience.

The sweetest part of life is the most confusing…

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