Sometimes I feel like letting everything go and just going through the moments of life with no worries and stress, not concerned about love, like and romance. I feel like giving up sometimes, giving up the fight I fight each day warding of the harsh words and ways of this world. Losing friends for ridiculous reasons and losing loved one’s to the cycle of life.

Deep in thought, I find myself thinking about life and thinking about all the things I’ve been through in this life, the fight I’ve had to face for the longest time, the pain and the tears that seem to come to no end. Deep in thought I was, thinking about my life and suddenly I began to cry but these weren’t tears of sadness or heartache, they were tears of victory and pride, tears of the battles I have faced, tears of the pride that I had made it this far and still thriving forward. Every time the weight of the world seems to rest on my shoulders, I remember that day and I have the strength to go on.

Hey guys I’m writing a book called Tale of two, thinking of changing the name though but it’s gonna be good and one of these days I’ll post a sneak peek. Thank you all for reading this novice bloggers’ words and thoughts.

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