I met myself when I was 16. I discovered I was someone who hated pictures because I told myself I wasn’t photogenic. I was someone who could not spend 5 minutes looking at myself in the mirror probably because in a way I felt my face wasn’t something of a spectacle, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my face but I just think it’s a total waste of precious time spending over 20 minutes scoping yourself in the mirror;no offense. I realized I was someone strong and able to deal with anything. I realized I had met good people in this harsh life. I realized I was someone who looked to the future rather than remain fixated in the present, hoping to make use of the now for tomorrow rather than make use of the now for now. I met this person and I was proud that I had gotten this far strong-willed and unmovable.

I met another me when I turned 17. I knew what my dreams were clear and simple without any interference whatsoever. I realized I knew who i want to be, where I wanted to be, who I needed to be and how I had to be and it wasn’t for any girl or crush but for myself. I told myself that I had to get there no matter what and as for now it didn’t matter who I go there with, all that mattered was the fact that I already had the people who are going to go there with me. I loved this self the most because I was someone learning how life worked and I realized the whole relationship thing wasn’t a priority but, an option which at this point I choose not to take. I discovered that it was not I that had a picture problem, people just didn’t seem to get my pictures right so, it was also at this age I discovered I am a selfie master and I can’t still spend more than 5 minutes with the mirror, just can’t.IMG_0761

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