Belief is a strong thing, it makes you think what is not there is there. Belief unveils the mysteries of things in ways we cannot even imagine.

Belief in God is a stronger thing, it unveils the mysteries of the world which we think and suppose we have discovered on our own. This belief defeats all the lies and poisons of the greatest liar of all time.

When you believe, you have belief and when you have the belief of the God you have the strength to live. Belief is strong and those in search of God have to have that strong belief to fully actualize the title of a believer.

Walking with God consumes your life, it fills you with peace and serenity unknown to the average person. A feeling of overwhelming certainty and sureness of one’s heart and makes the harsh and brutal times of life seem like cutting your fingernails; easy and painless. Engulfed with the spirit one begins to converse with God in every way and every situation, the lonely become peaceful and the depressed become joyful. I began my walk with God some months ago. It was difficult because I had some things that weighed me down in every way, it became like a battle to be fought everyday. I began to enjoy praise, I began to dance and experience overwhelming joy and happiness, well most days. It was a new start for this old body.

Life is a journey that must be taken cautiously. It is a pathway filled with mines and explosives along the way. Our decisions each day, our time and our life are on that simple path made with pain, agony,joy, happiness, sadness and every good and horrible thing life has to offer. Your choice of friends either makes that path wider or narrower. Friends don’t last forever but true friends do, the ones you speak to after years or separation, the ones you set dates with and lose track of time and the ones who are always there for you; those are the people who make your path seem wider, they makes your path less lonely and painful because those are the people who keep it real with you.

The realities of life are the truths hidden in the shadows and the people who strive to either make you succeed or the people who have nothing else to do but to bring you along for a ride.

Life has it’s lessons to teach us all, lessons of heartbreak, moments of joy, periods of sadness and above all; the overwhelming feeling of success. Life is estranged and confusing, funny and cunning but, it is what we all must face. It is a journey we all must take and a path we have to make. Life has moments that fill people with utter annoyance but, it also has moments that fills a person which so much awe and joy.Thinking about life takes me back to those days of Silverbird television (the star of Nigerian televison), the days of watching the titillating “Super story” and “This life”. Fiction or drama they may be but, they hold an element of truth and sensibility.

As a child, one knows nothing about life but to eat, sleep and poop; the golden days. One knows nothing about hardship, struggle, focus, success, heartbreak, love, feelings, people, school, anger, ah and most of all money and all the things that make life unbearable, annoying, sweet, horrible and wonderful, one knows nothing about the things that hurt, the things that make life extremely confusing, one knows nothing.

Love they say is  bitter-sweet, it is the most enjoyable part of life but, the funny part about it is how we fall in an out of it in a flash. Feelings I have discovered do not last forever but, they should. Feelings are the most insensible aspect of people with respect to the fact that once they occur and especially with us guys; we no longer think with man up there but, with the guy down there. We all tend to mistake the significance and meaning of the word “Love”, we mistake that emotion for feelings and that is why we tend to think we fall out of love but, we do not, we fall out of the feelings developed for the other person.

Feelings fade just as fast as they were felt or even discovered, they fade especially fast when they aren’t used or the person that they are being directed to does not reciprocate or they do but, decide to toy with your feelings or the worst case where both are too shy to admit to each other that those feelings exist. We fail to realize that when you’re in love, those feelings are meant to fade, we do not realize that when we are in love something else that you cannot explain develops and sticks and stays there till death tears you apart. Feelings at some point need to fade to make room for what really matters, to make room for what is real and not just the natural occurrence we have to experience.

The sweetest part of life is the most confusing…


Sometimes I feel like letting everything go and just going through the moments of life with no worries and stress, not concerned about love, like and romance. I feel like giving up sometimes, giving up the fight I fight each day warding of the harsh words and ways of this world. Losing friends for ridiculous reasons and losing loved one’s to the cycle of life.

Deep in thought, I find myself thinking about life and thinking about all the things I’ve been through in this life, the fight I’ve had to face for the longest time, the pain and the tears that seem to come to no end. Deep in thought I was, thinking about my life and suddenly I began to cry but these weren’t tears of sadness or heartache, they were tears of victory and pride, tears of the battles I have faced, tears of the pride that I had made it this far and still thriving forward. Every time the weight of the world seems to rest on my shoulders, I remember that day and I have the strength to go on.

Hey guys I’m writing a book called Tale of two, thinking of changing the name though but it’s gonna be good and one of these days I’ll post a sneak peek. Thank you all for reading this novice bloggers’ words and thoughts.

I met myself when I was 16. I discovered I was someone who hated pictures because I told myself I wasn’t photogenic. I was someone who could not spend 5 minutes looking at myself in the mirror probably because in a way I felt my face wasn’t something of a spectacle, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my face but I just think it’s a total waste of precious time spending over 20 minutes scoping yourself in the mirror;no offense. I realized I was someone strong and able to deal with anything. I realized I had met good people in this harsh life. I realized I was someone who looked to the future rather than remain fixated in the present, hoping to make use of the now for tomorrow rather than make use of the now for now. I met this person and I was proud that I had gotten this far strong-willed and unmovable.

I met another me when I turned 17. I knew what my dreams were clear and simple without any interference whatsoever. I realized I knew who i want to be, where I wanted to be, who I needed to be and how I had to be and it wasn’t for any girl or crush but for myself. I told myself that I had to get there no matter what and as for now it didn’t matter who I go there with, all that mattered was the fact that I already had the people who are going to go there with me. I loved this self the most because I was someone learning how life worked and I realized the whole relationship thing wasn’t a priority but, an option which at this point I choose not to take. I discovered that it was not I that had a picture problem, people just didn’t seem to get my pictures right so, it was also at this age I discovered I am a selfie master and I can’t still spend more than 5 minutes with the mirror, just can’t.IMG_0761

I remember the first time I baked. It was 3 yrs ago but, I can’t seem to remember the day or the hour or the time, all I remember is the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and a fulfillment within my heart on the fact that I had created something on my own. I saw it as a new way to express myself and it was something I really needed because I was drowning within myself and no matter how much I drew or sang; I wasn’t satisfied with myself.

Ever since I was little, I loved animals and they always seemed to light up my day in ways I couldn’t explain and to me,puppies made life so much more beautiful so I decided I wanted to be a Veterinarian. From the day I was told I couldn’t be or accomplish what I wanted to be and from the moment I accepted that it was a fact; I lost my purpose.From that day, I chased a dream chosen for me that I clearly knew in my heart I did not believe in until….

The beginning

Time and time again I have been faced with different circumstances both emotionally and physically. I remember the old days when life was simpler as a child whose only worries were to eat and enjoy, seems like a lifetime. I remember all the girls that took my heart even if they didn’t know it but, none of them seemed to notice me probably because I was so wildly unattractive, such is life but these days i never see myself having a relationship with someone; I dunno. I remember the days that passed by hours and hours looking at her, my first real crush. She came to destroy my resolve and steal my heart but, she never knew. I remember missing a girl I never knew or even spoke to each time she left my gaze, distraught, disoriented, unbalanced I was; she took all of my heart in one simple look.